What are the settling procedures?

Parents and children can call in as many or as few times before they start, there will be no charge so long as you stay with the child but if you do decide to leave them then we will need to know in advance so that we can ensure we have the staffs that we need for the correct ratios. 

What are the fees?

Please see out brochure for session times and prices.

How are the fees paid?

Fees are paid in advance, by cheque or we do have accounts with the voucher schemes, please speak to Katie for further information.

What do I need to pack for my child day?

Snacks and drinks of water and milk are provided by us. We also provide nappies and wipes and other toiletries they will need during the day.
We do not provide lunch so this will need to be provided by you, we have cold storage and warming facilities onsite.
We ask you bring in a spare set of clothes in their bag, as sometimes your little one can get messy and will need to be changed.
During hot weather we have sunscreen we can apply, providing the forms have been signed, but we do ask you provide a hat and sensible outdoor clothing/shoes.
We try to go out in all weather types, we have wet weather gear, but do ask you provide a hat/scarf, a warm coat and welly boots.

What happens if my child is ill?

So long as we are told at least 24 hours in advance there will be no charge, however if you call on the day or just turn up then there will be a charge due to staffing already being there.
We have a list of exclusion periods for various illnesses this can be found in our brochure. If your child is unwell whilst at nursery and we feel it is best for them to be with you then we will call using the list of contacts you will have given us.

What happens if I am late collecting my child or have been unable to get to the nursery before the nursery closes?

In the event that you do not collect your child from the nursery at the agreed time, and no contact has been made with the nursery to inform them of the alternative arrangements for collection, every attempt will be made to contact you. If we are unsuccessful we will contact your nominated emergency contact and request that they collect your child. The nursery will remain open to allow time for the contact person to arrive. Late collection is charged at the extra half hourly rate of £5