Whilst in our care the children have a daily sheet written up to keep record of what your child has done during the day, how they have been, what times they have slept, the toys they have played with and how they have eaten during the day.

In the main room the children have topic work, circle time and story time.

The children in the main room have a set topic for the month and do work everyday based on the topic. This consists of colouring, painting, sticking, cutting out and writing.

Circle time for the children is to improve the child’s development. The children have a different piece of work each day. Each day has a set topic, this consist of writing skills, colours, weather, number skills, how they feel and Welsh.

Story time is when we sit and listen to a story together. All children sit and listen to a chosen story. Often they asked questions about the pictures in the book. This is a quiet time whilst the children sit and listen to their favorite stories.