Puddleducks has been selected as part of The Pembrokeshire Health Promoting Pre School Scheme .

The idea is to help and support children staff and parents, with a healthy environment such as eating, exercise, lifestyle, safety.

We have gained our phases one thanks to Laura Enright and are currently working towards phases two.

We have some exciting ideas, like new murals, working closely with year 13 pathways group from Greenhill School, to enhance our play area.

Planting and growing flowers.

We pride ourselves to providing healthy eating—snack times are exciting where we offer a great menu designed by Cara, it is all fresh fruit and vegetables with dips, and salads with pitta breads, tuna and many more and once a week we have something special .

The children drink milk and water, which are available any time of the day, there is a jug for the option for the children to help themselves.

We have regular exercise, with out door play rain or shine linking in with Foundation Phases.